Murmur Tooth Memory

Murmur Tooth is the songs of Leah Hinton,
a New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and
producer based in Berlin. Dark and cinematic,
grimy and beautiful, not for elevators,
not for dancing.

Deep, heartfelt, and intimate. A bit gloomy, even. With Hinton baring her soul over the top of meticulously crafted pieces of music, incorporating guitar, piano/keys, what appears to be cello, and all manner of delicate instrumentation. With a sprinkling of fairy dust added to the production. She draws the listener in so close, with clever, and often self-deprecating lyrics, that it is almost impossible not feel like a reluctant voyeur (at times). In fact, that is exactly what it is … it’s the most uneasy listening “easy listening” album you’re likely to hear all year.

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"It’s impossible to pigeonhole the art that Murmur Tooth’s Leah Hinton conjures up. Imagine nine songs to soundtrack darkly-wound nursery rhymes, or maybe its what modern-day Surrealism sounds like. Far fetched? Not in the slightest, as you’ll find that this album is full of shadowy intrigue, poetic mystery laced lyrics, and heaps of mind-boggling whimsy sewn in. Simply, each melodic track here is as beautiful and playful as they are complex."

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"Murmur Tooth offers genre-splicing musical moods with latest release."

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"Leah is a real talent, one that should be embraced and celebrated for A Fault In The Machine is a warm, soulful, dark and real sounding synth album wrapped in a blanket of subtlety, and that is something one does not hear everyday."

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A Radio Fritz interview and livestream performance of "Rain Rain" and "Avalanche".

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"A Fault In This Machine is no mere collection of songs. It is a whole, brilliant concept, an expansive and expressive work of Dada-operatic art."

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"A perfectly formed neo-gothic jewel."

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"As always it is the combination of beauty and terror that Leah captures so elegantly, the tension and drifting atmosphere that floats about the listener as if they themselves were part of a chorus line from a gothic musical. Cold, deep, poignant and reflective but also gorgeous, ephemeral and eloquent. It’s what she does."

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"Tightropes along the dark side of poetry...... Hinton weaves her magic and creates some of the most compelling art you’ll hear in 2018."

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"Wow. You know those moments of absolute clarity that hit you like a twenty ton land-train, the ones that allow you to glimpse, just for a nano-second, the innermost workings of the universe, granting you a moment of absolute calm and peace of mind? Yeah, well listening to Dropping Like Flies allows you to experience that moment over and over again, as it washes through ever atom of your being and whispers gloriously nihilistic Nick Cave and PJ Harvey inspired sweet nothings in your ear while gently stroking and probing at your cerebellum and lulling you into a state of musically induced joy."

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