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Once a band, now a solo project, Murmur Tooth is the songs of Leah Hinton.  Sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes grimy, sometimes beautiful, not for elevators, not for dancing.

"The band combine musical parameters to create a balance between light and dark, a characteristic you’d expect from a classically trained musician. Forget everything you know about grunge and give Murmur Tooth a listen."

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An interview with Leah, click below to listen:

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"Tension, suspense, hooks, moods and some discomfort. Scratching at what’s just below the surface."

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"Within less than 30 seconds of listening to 'Knees are Clean', I feel this intense bought of power come over me. I don't know why, how or where it comes from, but I feel ready to conquer the world...."

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"The songs are strong and do what songs are meant to do: draw you in, intrigue you, instil a sense of movement so you have the sense you’ll be taken somewhere and maybe even be brought back again afterwards."

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"Alarming and alluring...... Their clever molding of the sludgy gloomy side of grunge and more hopeful upbeat pop sounds works wonders, and makes for a compelling and refreshing listen throughout. You should happily sink your teeth into this!"

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""Knees Are Clean" illustrates the band’s unique direction – adding a melodic approach to the gritty and unfiltered grunge rock that many of us have grown up listening to in the early ’90s. It definitely is different, but it is also extremely cool."

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"Sounds like the play out music for a disturbing horror movie, a dark waltz, the last dance, the exit music that takes you from one world to the next....."

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"It ruined my life....." - a rant by Leah (guitar/vocals in Murmur Tooth)

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